Tips & Tricks

  1. Always read the instruction leaflet provided with the wallpaper.
  2. In corners, always trim excess wallpaper from ceiling to floor.
  3. Replace your cutter blade often to avoid tears.
  4. After wallpapering, do not heat your room over 21° C | 69.7° F.
  5. Wait one (1) week for wallpaper to stabilize.
  6. After hanging wallpaper, tiny air bubbles sometimes remain trapped under the paper. No worries! They’ll disappear on their own.
  7. When papering around switches and outlets, always shut off the electrical supply before removing decorative cover plates.
  8. On embossed wallpapers, do not use a wallpaper roller to smooth out the seams. It could damage the raised pattern.
  9. On pre-pasted wallpapers, using an adhesive is also advised ‒ especially in rooms with high-humidity levels, like bathrooms and kitchens.
  10. Never apply wallpaper over newly plastered walls. Wall surfaces should always be prepped with an oil-based wallpaper primer.
  11. If you prefer not embarking on your own wallpering adventure, consult local painting /contractor listings and they will lead you to a wallpaper specialist.
  12. Never use felt pens on walls because marks can sometimes show through the wallpaper.