Upkeeping Curtains

  1. Nothing is sadder than sheer window treatments that have turned grey. Wash sheers often, before dust becomes trapped in the fibre.
  2. Forget ironing your sheers or drapes! While they’re still damp, hang them back up on the rod, or a clothesline (if your rod is metal), right after they’ve been washed.
  3. Brighten sheers and synthetics by adding baking soda to the final rinse cycle.
  4. Repair snags in sheers by applying a layer of clear nail polish to the damaged thread.
  5. If your curtains need ironing, do it while they are still damp.
  6. Do pass the vacuum on your curtains to remove dust, on your next round of housekeeping.
  7. Twice a year, on a windy day in spring and fall, hang your curtains out on the clothesline to freshen them up.
  8. Or put them in the dryer ‒ tumble them for a few minutes on a cold/cool setting.
  9. Dry cleaning is ideal for lined natural-fibre drapes ‒ it helps them keep their lovely appearance.
  10. With heavier lined drapes, wash them in the bathtub and hang them out on the clothesline.
  11. If you prefer not removing your curtain hooks, place the top of your drapes in a mesh laundry bag, tie it tight and machine wash.