Wallpaper Hanging Supplies

1. Lage dropcloth to protect the ground
2. T.S.P.= Tri Sodium phosphate to clean surface, remove grease, mold, sediments.
3. Rubber Gloves, recommended for cleaning with TSP (corrosive).
4. Spatula to seal holes and cracks in walls.

5. Prep-coat must be applied to wall before wallpaper. Follow instructions provided. Suggestions :Circa 1850 Prep-coat or Zinsser Shields (Clear).

6. Workbench to work comfortably and at right height.
7. Mesuring Tape
8. Pencil to mark each strip on the surface.

9. Wallpaper Level

10. Utility knife with retractable blade

11. Metal Ruler

12. Wallpaper Tray to soak prepasted wallcoverings.

13. Smoother helps product stick to surface, eleminates bubbles.

14. Plastic Spatula

15. Seam Roller
16. Sponge, frieze, terry cloth
17. Water bucket to clean tools.
18. Paint Roller and Tray use with unpasted wallpaper

19. Vinyl Wallcovering Adhesive

20. Premixed Wallcovering Adhesive

21. Vinyl Over Vinyl Adhesive

22. Border and Repair Adhesive

Source: Revue Collection Terre à Terre - Conseils de pros papiers-peints 2001. (fr)