Hanging a Wallpaper Border

  1. Hanging a wallpaper border involves many of the same steps as hanging sheets of wallpaper…but it’s even easier!
  2. Only one step requires careful attention: you must make sure your work is level.
  3. Take your measurements carefully, and draw a perfectly horizontal line. Your border will be up in no time!
  4. Here are instructions for invisible seams where two sheets of border meet.
  5. Avoid this mistake! If you’re installing a wallpaper border along a wall where the bottom segment has just been painted, it is important to follow certain guidelines before you begin. Wait at least two (2) or three (3) weeks after the paint was applied before hanging your wallpaper border, or water drips could ruin your paint.

Step By Step Instructions

1. Place the tip of the measuring tape flush against the ceiling, and decide at what height you wish your border to be. Measurements should be taken from the floor up if your border is to run along the bottom third of your wall. Make a pencil mark at regular intervals across all walls.
2. Draw a straight line connecting your marks together ‒ use a builder’s level to make sure your line is perfectly horizontal. If the top of your wall is going to be the same colour as your ceiling, paint it after drawing the line. However, do wait the recommended time before installing your wallpaper border.
3. Dip the border in warm water for about 10 seconds.
4. Fold the border over accordion-style, paste side in.
5. Let it sit about five (5) minutes. This way the paste will have time to activate, and the wallpaper will expand to its true size (by about 1/8"). Keep it vertical if possible, so that in the meantime, excess water runs off.
6. Paste the border on the wall following the line you drew earlier.
7. Make sure the border is straight and level.

8. For a nice even surface, pass a smoothing tool over it.

9. If the wall is over 4.6 consecutive metres /15 consecutive feet long, install your second sheet of border. Make sure your second sheet overlaps your first, and your pattern is properly aligned.
10. Where they overlap, cut through the two layers of wallpaper. Choose an appropriate spot so your pattern is not sectioned in two.

11. Lift off the top layer of wallpaper to reach the bottom layer.

12. Remove the bottom layer, and press down firmly on the top layer.

13. With your smoothing tool, smooth the seam where the two meet. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth to remove excess water or paste.

Source: Revue Collection Terre à Terre - Conseils de pros papiers-peints 2001.