Repairing Wallpaper Tears

In high-traffic areas, wallpaper is sometimes the victim of small yet easy-to-fix accidents.

  1. When papering a room, don’t throw away your cuttings as even the smallest bit might someday come in handy ‒ they’re ideal for fixing damaged areas.
  2. If the wallpaper was installed some time ago, the colour of your replacement piece may not quite match the rest of your wall. With time, this should resolve itself.
  3. If you want to avoid colour gaps, leave your leftover wallpaper cuttings in your basement or garage; do not put them in a bag or box. This way, they will age at the same pace as your new wallpaper.

Here are some easy steps to follow:

1. Choose a damaged area you’d like to repair.
2. Cut a piece of wallpaper and place it over the section being repaired, making sure the pattern aligns properly.
3. Dip the piece of wallpaper in warm water, and paste it over the damaged area.
4. With an all-purpose cutter, make a diamond-shaped cut through both (2) layers of wallpaper.
5. Remove the top layer. Fold it over, paste side in, and set it aside carefully.
6. Remove the bottom layer. If it is difficult to remove, apply some wallpaper stripper to its surface. Give it time to activate, and peel it off.
7. Clean the wall beneath the old piece of wallpaper, making sure all traces of stripper are gone.
8. Remove any leftover bits of the new piece being used to repair the wall.
9. Affix the new segment of wallpaper.
10. Wipe the wall with a clean, dry cloth to remove any excess water or paste.

Source: Revue Collection Terre à Terre - Conseils de pros papiers-peints 2001.